Journalism professors asked students about benefits and drawbacks of the study

10 Травня, 2019

Within the project “Journalism Education for Democracy in Ukraine: Developing Standards, Integrity, and Professionalism” it was taken a poll.

According to Tetyana Bondarenko, the head of the Department of Journalism, Advertising and PR Technologies, such a survey aims to find out the students’ opinions about the quality of teaching courses, substantive content, and theoretical and practical components ratio. There were interviewed about 100 students within the project. The survey was conducted using the “Google Form”. Processing of the results will help to find benefits and drawbacks of journalism education, which are specified by the students. It also will help to outline the ways to improve teaching and curricula according to media realities.

For example, students answered the following questions:

  • Is the curriculum should be more theoretical or practical?
  • How do you see your education program?
  • How many hours do you study on average?
  • Do you have any optional modules?
  • Does the study give an opportunity to develop your own personal interests and aptitudes?
  • What do you think of the resources for studying in general (books, equipment, study rooms) in your opinion?
  • What do you think of the knowledge assessment system in general? Are these criteria clear?
  • Are your skills, which are the most necessary for journalism, assessed as appropriate?
  • In addition to getting grades, do you have feedback from the teacher to evaluate and improve your work?
  • What changes do you want to make in the program that you are studying now? And so on.

Translated by Sergiy Prytula



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